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Proven Capabilities

The Maximator AIM team has a combination of more than 60 years of experience in gas assist.

We understand what is really needed to get a gas assist project running, and what it takes to keep it running.

What is Gas Assist?

Technologies that are operated with plastics processing methods to improve product quality and significantly reduce cost. The technologies include the injection of gas or water at high pressure into plastic in an injection mold. This cores out sections of the part, leaving hollow areas which lower part weight and cycle time.

What else?

Traditional Gas assist is the use of Nitrogen to core out sections of injection moldings to better distribute pressure within the part. As well as this process, we can help with:

  • Water injection molding: use water to hugely increase cooling capability for larger tube like parts.
  • CO2 injection: the Entropy curve of CO2 makes it really good at cooling. In some cases, using CO2 instead of Nitrogen can get you 20 extra seconds off your cycle and a part which has a surface that is cooling down instead of heating up when you de-mold it.
  • Spot mold cooling – use CO2 through capillaries to cool areas of molds that are impossible to reach with cooling channels, even conformal ones.
  • Foaming. We can impregnate plastic with CO2 to produce a foam structure in injection molded parts. This can be done right next to the molding machine
  • Gate cut. Using hydraulic microcylinders in-mold, cut gates before demolding without the need for hot runners.
  • Mold consultancy and construction. Having had nearly 30 years’ experience supplying gas assist equipment to China, we know some of the good toolmakers, and can help achieve tooling projects without the stress of jumping into China sourcing.