Gas Dosing Stations

The MAXIMATOR Gas Dosing Station is designed for the high-pressure dosing of gas for the physical foaming of plastics. The physical foaming is applied in the process variants extrusion foaming, polyurethane foaming and pressure-die casting foaming (micro cellular foaming)

DSD 500

Gas Dosing Station for up to 500 bar

The MAXIMATOR DSD 500 Gas Dosing Station compresses the gas with air driven Maximator gas booster to pressures up to 500 bar and doses very uniformly, also in case of severe back-pressure fluctuation, through an innovative mass-flow regulation concept and the highly-dynamic Maximator 3/3-way proportional pressure control valve. The gas volume is measured on the pressure side. The mass-flow regulation is insensitive to temperature and adapts optimally to pressure variations with constant dosing quantity. The measured values are visualized. Because of the precise injection flow regulation, production fluctuations under the same product, material and process conditions can be reduced.

  • Generation of a constant, uniform micro cellular foam structure
  • Injection flow capacity is controlled extremely precisely, as well as independently of pressure and temperature in the extruder (also in case of very small dosing quantities)
  • Automatic adjustment to extruder pressure reduces start-up process
  • High-dynamic control valve responds promptly to process changes
  • Insensitive to gas bubbles in the liquid CO2 – no extensive cooling required

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