Mold Consultancy Services

Why source molds in Asia? To drive down part costs. Many OEM’s and trade molders have done this successfully.

Customers tell us that the things that stop them from sourcing molds from Asia include:

  • Concerns about molds meeting quality and specification expectations.
  • Costs of trips to ensure the molds performed as required.
  • Concerns about maintaining the molds.
Getting any of these wrong can eat into any savings that might be achievable.

Maximator AIM seeks to reduce these concerns. Our partners are trusted colleagues. Our team first met them in 1995 and have had a three decade business relationship. Using Maximator AIM gives an interface to trusted partners.

At Maximator AIM, we take the risk out of your mold sourcing needs. Our long connection with our friends at Ways Technical Corp. Ltd., takes all the worry and effort out of finding a reliable mold service. 

Ways Technical Corp. Ltd., established in 2001, is a professional group specializing in various processing services and professional material development. They devote themselves to researching the newest and most efficient technologies, as well as innovation and development in various applications for their customers. They are highly trusted by the industry for their outstanding performance, service efficiency, and topnotch reliability, and are a dynamic, forward – looking company, in touch with the needs of customers, of the industry, and of the world.