Gas Compressors

Maximator Compressor Stations are specially designed for the compression of nitrogen or carbon dioxide from gas bottles, and are employed for pressure generation in gas assisted molding applications.

VP250/350 (VP15)

VP250/350 Compressors, also known as VP15 compressors are suitable for compression of air or nitrogen gas up to 5000 psi with an output flow rate of 10.6 SCFM (15 Nm3/hr).


· High quality N 2 gas for industrial applications

· 1 stage per cylinder for reliable heat distribution

· Low noise – 75dB(A)

· Soft starter for low impact starting

VP500/350 (VP30)

VP500/350 compressors (also known as VP30) are suitable for compressing Nitrogen gas up to 5000 psi with an output flow rate of 21.2 SCFM.

Maximator UK also have versions suitable for use with air, Helium and natural gas.


Compressor station for liquid carbon dioxide to 6000 psi

The VP/500/CO2 compressor station is designed for the effective compression of carbon dioxide for the new CO2 GIT process. The carbon dioxide supply is implemented with CO2 riser pipe bottles or riser pipe bundles.

  • Special CO2 Gas Booster
  • Optimized cross sections for the highest supply capacities

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