Hydraulic Power Packs

HPP External Hydraulic Power Pack
A compact and portable hydraulic power pack.

● Compact and portable
● Up to 4 hydraulic circuits
● Simple interface to RM350 Series gas controllers or other
control means
● 6.5 US gallon oil tank
● Oil temperature and level switches

● Hydraulic pump output pressure max 2,610 psi
● Available range: 72.5 psi to 2,610 psi.
● Hydraulic pump output flow rate 65 US gph
● Tank capacity: 6.5 US Gallons
● Motor power:  1.74 HP (1.3kW)
● Motor speed: 1760 rpm (60Hz)
● Solenoid valve coil voltage: 24 v dc
● Full load current: std: 2.5A


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